Friday, 3 May 2013


AKA 'Variety', 'Jealousy'.

Many years ago, during my frequent Saturday morning rummaging sessions at the 'Kingsland Waste' market, in Dalston, East London,  I often came across good stuff, and usually for a pretty fair deal too. The market makes use of the wide width of pavement between shopfronts and a busy road, and it stretches for about twenty stalls in length - mostly specializing in old tools and hardware, pots and pans, and several tables of house clearance items.

On one particular visit to Kingsland Waste, I spotted this four page advertising flyer for a 1925 German film in a trodden-on condition, languishing in the road by the kerb. It had obviously flown off the house clearance table and when I showed it to the stall holder, he just said "keep it mate". I have done just that for over twenty years now.

I've never seen 'Vaudeville'. This is the title the film was given for its UK release in 1926. The original German title is 'Variety', and in other countries the film is also known as 'Jealousy'. The flyer is 12 cms x 18 cms and a four-pager - basically one sheet folded in half.

What makes this piece so special - and perhaps almost unique - is that it's an advertising flyer for The 'Super Cinema' in Ilford, that had once been standing just seven or so miles north east from where I'd discovered it. The Super had opened in 1922, and judging by the photo below, it certainly looked the part.

But it would only be in business for just twenty three years. In early February 1945, a few months before the end of WW2, the cinema was partially destroyed by a V2 rocket. According to testimonies sent in to the BBC many decades later:

"fourteen people were killed, including two usherettes at the cinema, seven who worked at the clothing factory opposite the cinema, one NFS fireman, and four local residents."

"the bombed-out ruins of the Super Cinema was both a brilliant and a dangerous place for us schoolkids to play in, until it got knocked down at the end of the 1950s"

Today on the site of the Super Cinema, there's a chain store that sells household, kitchenware, garden and toiletry items 'at discounted prices'. But for better value, and a more entertaining shopping experience, there is still Kingsland Waste market...

front of flyer for Vaudeville

interior pages of flyer

back of flyer showing the advert for Ilford's Super Cinema

postcard showing the Super Cinema around the time of its opening in 1922

deaths head on the woman's dress on cover of Vaudeville flyer:
according to Ilford legend, after the V2 rocket blast, a motorbike rider together with his bike were later found in the water tank in the roof area of the Super Cinema

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