Sunday, 17 January 2016

Faces in the Crowd 1967/1968

Following on from the most recent addition to my collection of 'Faces in the Crowd' postings, I've just discovered another example, and this time we're in the South Coast of Devon, and the year is 1967. 

It's early on in the season, and fans of Plymouth Argyle are snapped on the terraces of Home Park when their team were playing in the Second Division of the Football League. Just like all the previous images that I've posted, these photographs were published in the club's Official Programmes - with the highlighted individual winning a cash prize or tickets to the next home match. In Plymouth '67, along with Derby back in '56, the person's head is captured within a white square, as opposed to the more familiar method of using a circle.

However, for the first time, the photographer is actually name-checked - Bernard Prince, who was the official photographer of The Pilgrims (the club's nickname is taken from the religious group that sailed on the Mayflower from Plymouth to the 'New Word' in the 17th Century). 

Interesting also that the club described the feature as a 'competition', and they called it "SPOT THE FACE" rather than 'Faces in the Crowd'...

Mr Prince surely took this photo either before the match or during half-time, given that clearly nobody is looking at the pitch! Note that the club gave the One Guinea prize to the person who'd obviously coughed-up 6d on a programme. Perhaps to encourage more people to buy one?

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