Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A Party in a Squat in Balls Pond Road, London N1 c.1990

Another recent rediscovery - a couple of photos that I took on the day of a party in a squatted building on the Balls Pond Road. A friend was playing in a jazz ensemble in one of the rooms, and I remember that throughout the place there were plenty of sculptural installations pieced together from found objects. Most of these gatherings seem to blur around this period as there were so many places like this in London - often short-lived but perfect sites to host these kinds of word-of-mouth happenings.

The next step would then be either being knocked down for redevelopment (as in this case), or smartened up to be transformed into luxury flats or offices.

But out of the blue comes a visual reminder of London's recent history in the days before the ubiquitous smartphone grab destined for immediate social media consumption. 

WHAT'S BEHIND is inscribed on the corrugated metal fencing - but what's the story of the requisitioned four door family saloon in front?

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