Wednesday, 1 May 2013

el 1 de Mayo

I was in Cuba on 1st May 1992. This was a time of severe economic hardship for the country following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

This evening I went through the photographs that I took during my short stay. They take me right back to a remarkable-looking Havana - crumbling brightly coloured paint, worn exteriors of the splendid buildings, battered old posters, stranded vintage automobiles (petrol was scarce), and the few shops that had not shut down selling things like unwanted and warped 3D postcards of Red Square.

close-up of a communal noticeboard,1st May 1992
weathered payphone

everywhere, abandoned gas-guzzling cars of a by-gone time

queues round the block for the local cinema
beautiful decollage of film posters

Cold War shopfront & LP record seller

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