Monday, 27 May 2013

Roseland, Cuba

Following on from the images that I posted on the 1st day in May, I've just discovered another batch of my photographs taken in Cuba.

This is a selection showing a favourite theme that emerged back in 1992 - snapshots of stationary vehicles that had ground to a halt due to the severe petrol shortage after the Russian withdrawal, post-Soviet era.

I also needed to have that 'Roseland' sign in my collection (Cubano lettering and graffiti to come), so I begin with the odd one out, as it captured a bus on the move.

Was Roseland actually hanging above the centre of the street?

HM 30998

Hotel Packard, Havana
shades of blues

stationary on a zebra, Havana
This amazing scene has re-appeared in my dreams

Did this car belong to Julio?

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