Monday, 12 August 2013

Pedestrian Crossings: CROSS

And following yesterday's red light WAIT post, now for a parade of little green people all snapped by myself in mostly forgotten locations in France and Germany back in the mid-1980s:
Pedestrian Crossings: CROSS

This Parisian avenue was re-named after Hugo on 28 February 1881 (the day after his 79th birthday)

don't walk, run

rhythmic pairs crossing

hold on to your briefcase

cross to a rock steady beat

startled 1950s orange man on route to nuclear shelter

my favourite! dig those groovy loon pants and floppy sleeves
When I took the photograph, I wondered whether this crossing was in fact some kind of special time travelling device, and the elderly couple would somehow turn into a pair of swinging hipsters c.1969 when they crossed to the other side?

A New Additon:
GO! state of the art: Blois, France, 29/08/13

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