Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Game of 100 Games

Well before a Columbian dancer came up with a worldwide fitness phenomenon called 'Zumba' in the 1990s, there was 'the game of 100 games' - and it was called ZIMBA...

What is Zimba? I don't know. But I discovered a fabulous full-page art-deco inspired advert for the game in a 1934 programme for the Regal Cinema which was situated in North London, on the southern stretch of Golders Green heading towards Child's Hill. The cinema itself had a very short life from 1932 to 1956, before it was taken over by Top Rank, and transformed into a ten pin bowling venue. But I wonder how many years the game of Zimba was played for, before it would slide into the land of the lost?

she's got a perfect 'permanent wave' hairdo, but what is she holding?

Regal Cinema
on this site now stands 21st century residential apartments - this postcard dates from 1932, when the Regal screened Ernst Lubitsch's, 'Broken Lullabye' aka 'The Man I Killed'

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