Thursday, 13 February 2014

Your Old Records Are Urgently Needed

Here are a bunch of close-up scans from some wonderful 78 rpm record sleeves that I've amassed over the years: these are mostly generic company covers from the likes of Telefunken, Polydor, Ultraphon, Pathe, RCA, Mercury...

Here's one of either of the 'O's'' in the word Polydor 

and her 'permanent wave' hairdo reflected in a 78 rpm disc

Short-lived label, UK 1926-1935

Genuine Gramophone

Telefunken Platten

Czech / German  'Spiegelt Den Ton'

'Die Deutsche Weltmarke'

The classic double-horn

RODYLOP: double-horn in reverse, well white on red

RCA Victrola's 'Magic Brain': plays records on both sides without turning them over

Mile End Road, London E

10" sleeve, detail

here is the presence of Mercury

put 6d coin-in-the-slot, and make your own recording: envelope for aluminium disc c. 1935

recorded at a Navy, Army, Air Force Institute (NAAFI)

the Mercury kids host an evening-in

...and this one's good for another spin

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