Monday, 16 June 2014

Maison De La Radio - Television December 1963

It's been a while since my last philatelic post (Karl Bickel & Helvetia in December 2013), and another before that one which recalled the Czechoslovakian 'Television' set of 1957.

On the TV theme, here is a lovely postcard which was issued by a company called 'Panoramas' to mark the opening of The French Broadcasting and Television House in Paris. This example also doubled up as a first day cover - dated 15th December 1963.

The actual 36 x 21.45 mm stamp was engraved by Jacques Combert (1920 - 1993), who designed a remarkable 1300 stamps in his career. This one was was issued in a massive run of nearly ten million.

I've another atmospheric French Television issue, this time designed by the master engraver Albert Decaris. 3.5 million of them were issued in April 1955. The 15 Franc stamp showing the Eiffel Tower transmitting television signals across the rooftops of Paris must have seemed futuristic at the time, but it now looks just as hauntingly similar as the image that was issued in Czechoslovakia two years later:

A classic example by one of the greatest of the French stamp designers: Albert Decaris 1901 - 1988

The Petrin Tower was built in 1891. The construction was inspired by Eiffel Tower in Paris, and was designed by Frantisek Prasil. It took just four months to build...

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