Saturday, 26 July 2014

Blimey! This Sounds Serious!

Well about as serious as a classic Bamforth postcard from the golden age of the British seaside...

Following on from Everybody's Swinging at Rhyl which I posted in the cool of October last year, this one is far more suited to the current swelteringly hot and muggy climate.

It's another mid 1960s beauty crafted by Bamforth's house artist Arnold Taylor. A couple strolling through a field with a transistor radio blaring out the lyrics "There'll Never Be Another Yeew", with two rams watching as they pass by, and one saying to the other "Blimey! This Sounds Serious!"

A play on the word 'YEEW' and 'EWE'. Both are rams - and there are no ewes in sight. The words "there will never be another yeew / ewe" thus predicts an awfully "serious" scenario for these two rams - a world without ewes. Funny in a kind of apocalytpic way. Maybe there are other interpretations though. Are the Rams just observing that the couple are seriously in love? Not quite cheeky enough to be a typical Bamfroth gag. So maybe in the spirit of the lyrics, one ram has the hots for the other ram?'s a great period postcard, the figures drenched in a yellow sky, which looks even more brilliant against the green grass, and the couple's bright tops.

The reverse has a message written by Chris to Mick who is "having a lovely time hear" - in Lowestoft, back in mid-September 1965.

It's so odd that old personal messages like these end up circulating in the second-hand market. A far cry from important documents finding their way to our National Archives - but somehow these kinds of ordinary, simple communications become great social history in themselves. How many young people today would write on a postcard that "the Youth Club will be open about next Tuesday"?

4.30 PM 14 SEP 1965

Bamforth COMIC Series No.2198

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