Saturday, 30 August 2014

Oxford Street London W1

One of my least favourite streets in London. Always best to whizz across and out, than attempt to walk along the over-crowded thoroughfare. Unless you just happen to end up in on the street during the deep hours of the early morning. 

Back in 1968, The Oxford Street Association published a pocket-sized 64 page booklet that promoted the street's major stores and its nearby tourist attractions. Quite possibly it was the last time this shopping mile and a quarter looked any good since it opened for business back in the 1730s.

The very Swinging London-esque cover (Front and Back)

There's a cracking ad for D.H.Evans which was named after its Welsh founder Dan Harris Evans who opened his first shop in Oxford Street in 1879:

and one hundred and twenty years later, the name vanished from the Street altogether 
The HMV shop at No. 363 (below) was opened in 1921 by the composer Sir Edward Elgar. Today there is an HMV store on the very same site...

Back in 1968, Stafford Bourne (the son of the original co-founder) was the President of The Oxford Street Association. The department store closed up in 1983.

Not in 2014 you can't...

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