Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Carole and The Sweet

It's my sister Carole's 52nd birthday tomorrow, so why not commemorate the day with this sweet photograph that I took of her back in the early 1970's?

My hunch is that it's 1973,  and she was still really into her glam-pop phase of loving The Sweet - especially Brian Connolly, the band's lead singer (who died in 1997).

The snap was taken with my Pocket Instamatic camera which used 110 mm film. As it's from the end of a negative strip, the developers didn't send me back a print of this image - most probably because the colouring had distorted. But thanks to modern day scanners  - I've just discovered the photograph after 40 years or so.

Following on from my post Our World 1967 from July of last year, the added charm of this picture is that it's taken in the home, and captures the decor of Carole's world at a moment in time. It's almost all Brian and The Sweet, though wholesome Donny O gets a look-in too. I'm certain that these same images were plastered over bedroom walls across the nation at this time. The pin-up of Brian at the top right of the photo was the centrespread of an issue of Popswop, a highly popular music magazine which she got every week (until it merged with the Record Mirror newspaper in 1974).


I remember the red fuzzy felt name sign on the door!

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