Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What's Happening, Baby?

Earlier this year I made a reference to a comic book called 'Teen-In', which was one of several spin-off titles of TIPPY TEEN, dubbed "America's Swingiest Teener" by its New York-based  publisher Tower Comics. The strips are on the whole typical of the teen characters set in the world of the American 1960s four-colour comics like Archie, Debbi, Patsy & Hedy, Josie, Betty, Veronica, Bunny, Chili, Harvey, Millie the Model etc. 

Although much of this stuff is bathed in 'with-it' language and graphics of the era, it's inevitably just rather sweet and mainstream popular culture. But there are some ridiculously funny moments - like this cluster of panels from a story called "What's Happening, Baby?" in TIPPY TEEN No.19 from June 1968:

"We're at one with our Ethnos!"

The last panel could easily be one of those parody pop-artworks that are tweaked with Situationist-style rants that end up illustrating political pamphlets and articles, or posters and T-Shirts...

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