Thursday, 12 March 2015

Islington Says NO To Building Roads

I was trawling through my archive of shopfront photos, looking for another image altogether - and then this caught my eye...two protest flyers taped to the bottom of a shop window in London over 25 years ago:



84 Dairy &  M. JONES Provisions 84 was trading in Mildmay Park, London N1 - and by the look of it, Jones kept a good supply of packets of Golden Wonder crisps along with its favoured products like Milk, Butter, Eggs, Bread. The street is just off Newington Green, Islington and is one of six Mildmays set around the area (the others are: Avenue, Grove South & North, Place, Road). It's mostly residential, built from the mid 1850s onwards, and named after the Mildmay family who once owned the estate (dating back to Sir Walter, the Chancellor of the Exchequer during the reign of Elizabeth I). In the late 1970s a section of the street was redeveloped into blocks of flats with an accompanying library - though between 1880 and 1934 it actually boasted its very own railway station.

I don't recall what road plans that M. Jones and the other campaigners were challenging back then, but I expect that they won as thankfully there isn't a 'Westway'-style motorway slicing through the area...

However, I wonder if anyone campaigned to save the shop itself before it closed for good not that long after I took this photograph?

M. JONES Dairy & Provisions c.1990. 

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