Monday, 20 April 2015


Spotted last week!

'introduisez vos films ICI' printed on the flap of this sturdy old postbox designed to drop off your films outside the business hours of a camera shop. This one was in Eymet, France. Can't image that it gets much use these days, but it's so good to see that it hasn't been removed - either by the proprietor or a scavenging dealer of 'vintage' objects...

shame the postcards were not of a similar vintage though...

Takes me back to my cine-days - both as a youngster with my family watching home movies projected onto a screen in the front room, and later on in my twenties when I used to make short experimental documentary films shot on Super 8. Inspired by seeing this little piece of social history, I've dug deep into my collection of Kodachrome film envelopes, boxes, cartridges and reels for examples of our PHOTO CINE past...

envelope posted to the Kodak lab in Hemel Hempstead in the early 1960s

folding instructions...and where to write your address using your trusty ink pen!

the processed reel with its Kodak-branded yellow cover

Box hails from Toronto, Ontario.Postage rates: Parcel 5c, Letter - Local 8c, Other Points 11c

Improved. Dated 1962

Type A Film, 8mm. 1962

Bullfight on Standard 8, August 1961. PROCESS BEFORE FEB 1962

Unused Tri-X 50ft reversal film 7278 still sealed in packet

Photographic Material Exposed and Processed Safety Film

Sporting the slogan within: "They come out best on Kodak film"

Telephone Exchange: GLAdstone 5314, Cricklewood, London NW2

Printed inside wallet: 'Enlargements turn Snapshots into Pictures'

Verichrome on the back of print/negative wallet

I wonder how many films and photos have passed through the flap on this yellow painted metal dropbox?

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