Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Go Ahead Year

It's twelve days to go until the 2015 United Kingdom General Election. Back in March 1966, The Labour Party were aiming to get re-elected with a far greater majority following Prime Minister Harold Wilson's narrow win by just four seats in the 1964 Election. 

For the sum of three shillings and sixpence, the public could buy a slim paperback written anonymously by 'DEMOS' that highlighted the Labour Party's record over the past two years - covering 14 areas inluding the Economy, Agriculture, Housing and the National Health Service. 

I picked up the 150 page book during the 1980s simply because I liked its punchy and optimistic cover - which was back then a refreshingly far cry from the depressing graphics churned out by the Thatcherite media.

THE GO AHEAD YEAR was published by Book Distributors Leicester (BDL). The cover designer was uncredited. But such bold mid-60s imagery may well have helped The Labour Party to return to Parliament that year with a hugely bigger majority of 96 seats. 

By the way, the turnout was then almost 76% of the electorate. I wonder how many will be voting in under two weeks time?

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