Tuesday, 14 March 2017

What has happened to ELLIS?

An odd one this. I took the photograph about twenty five plus years ago, but I cannot recall where...

It was a time when I was actively compiling a collection of the discarded - mostly former shops and signage - during the course of my travels around the nation as an oral historian working for the British Library.

Here we have a two story house, possibly dating back to the inter-war years, with a shopfront attached. Not sure what Ellis sold, but highly likely it was some kind of a local provisions store. Judging by the broken first floor windows and the very much closed wooden shutters, the property had been empty for some time at the point when I was standing at the front gate with my camera...

I wonder how long the Ellis family had been associated with the house and shop?

What has happened to the site since I took the photograph?

Any ideas?