Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The FIFA World Cup in the adverts!

World Cup fever strikes again! 

But this post isn't yet another celebration of the great players and the national heroes who have held the Jules Rimet Cup aloft in joyous celebration. 

Here is a small collection of a 30 year span of the advertising campaigns that once appeared in the pages of the official programmes and brochures of past World Cup competitions. The first set begins in England in 1966, and we travel in time via Mexico, the former West Germany, Argentina and Spain to 1986, where Mexico hosted the tournament once again.

Unlike the famous names and teams of world football, many of these advertised brands have now slipped out of public consciousness. Let's begin in England in the Swinging Sixties...and drop into the local pub for a pint, and a bag of crisps...

Tudor Crisps were founded in Newcastle just after WW2. They were eventually subsumed into the Walkers Crisps empire

England's mascot 'World Cup Willie' holds a Red Barrel aloft, and it would be the trophy itself for captain Bobby Moore and the victorious England team. 

A choice of TV sets named after ancient and distinguished artists. All screens on various lengths of legs for Mexico 1970. 

salud! to the legendary Brazil team at Mexico 1970

An era when the transistor radio was essential to keep up with the scores

Football commentators and journalists, 1974 style in West Germany

Let's not forget Tip and Tap, the tournament's mascots on the official merchandise on sale at World Cup '74. 

More souvenirs. This time 'WM 74' LP's released by Polydor Records - how many people still own them?

An Argentinian hat and men's jacket combo styled in 1978

An advert aimed at the Scottish fans whose national team qualified for the 1978 World Cup, unlike England...

And the Scotland players that reached the Finals in Argentina, but not all the way, squeezed into a Chrysler Avenger...

A visual cornucopia of audio and TV equipment courtesy of JVC for World Cup 1982 in Spain

A World Cup still very much in the age of 35mm film

Wonder if a diet of Milo's chocolate milk powder helped the Argentina team win at Mexico '86?

You had to be with-it in Mexico 1986