Thursday, 15 October 2015

What's on TV, Little Dot? February 1969

Spot the ball? Stumbled on a real dotty comic cover - though sadly online, and not the real thing. 

Reminded me of what it was like to be TV addicted in my childhood exactly around the time this issue of Harvey's Little Dot was published...

Fast forward to the tail end of 1978, and listening to T.V. Smith's classy lyrics to The Adverts single 'Television's Over'.  

This was one of those songs from the era that continues to have a great influence on my world view. Skillfully, Smith renders an unsettling, dystopian vision of TV addiction ineffective

The song begins with the classic line "Time to pull out the plugs...", and it ends:

 "Television's Over, Now I feel no Hunger, We feel no Hunger"

Little Dot #121, Harvey Comics, February 1969
"Tonight I see the screen, But not the pictures on it" T.V. Smith, 1978

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